When you stay in school, or help someone stay in school, you help all of us. New Yorkers have a history of working together to make things better. In this spirit, we have developed this site for you and for ourselves. If you are thinking about leaving school before you graduate, please "drop in" and talk to someone you trust. If you are a parent or educator, let students know that you will make the time to listen to their concerns.
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Studies on social emotional development and learning suggest that students have a better chance to succeed when they maintain certain skills. These skills include the "ABC's" of Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence. Autonomy means that you take initiative and are responsible for your learning. Belonging means that you have meaningful relationships with peers and school staff. Competence means that you have a sense of mastery when you are challenged.
We tried to organize material to make things easy to find. The Student, Parent and School sections are sub-divided into elementary, middle level, and high school sections. The Parent section is meant to serve those who maintain a caregiving relationship with a child - parents, grandparents, and others. The School section has information for teachers, principals, and other school personnel.
Please help us. If you have an idea, program, suggestion, or story to share let us know. We all share a bond as New Yorkers, and what works great in your community might work well in another. Visit our Contact Us page to share your thoughts. If you are a student, you may also want to visit our Student Survey to cast your vote on issues related to staying in school. Thank you.